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We provide Resources to Enable Future & Current Technology Professionals

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We are a publicly accessible Cyber Range located in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia

The GACWR was started to offer several levels of resources for Cyber Security Professionals looking for real world, live-fire training, and practice in Red & Blue Team activities. From this mission, an Innovative Ecosystem of Technology has emerged.

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Membership Benefits

Elevate your Knowledge

We provide cyber ranges for beginner & advanced technology professionals to elevate their game with both guided, and self-learning resources

On-Premise Range & Resources

Members have access to our physical facility for in-person practice, remote access, on-demand training, and guidance by our dedicated staff

Advanced Curriculum

Hands-on experience with topics such as Cyber Security, Hacking Web2 & Web3, Computer Science, Data Science, Blockchain/Crypto, Virtual Reality, Electronics, and Building Tech Startups

Community Oriented

Our goal is to provide a safe space, and rich community for professionals to learn & sharpen their skills towards advancing their careers, and technical acument

Membership Pricing

Community Pass

Forever Free

  • Unlimited Virtual Pass to Live Trainings
  • One Physical Access Pass
    • Per Month
    • As Seating Permits
    • Preferred Seating for Pro / Core Rangers
  • Community On-Demand Courses
  • Access to Member Community
  • Access to Job Pipeline
  • Newsletter
  • Limited Access to our Book Library
    • 1 Free Book per Month
  • Resume Mentoring
  • Interview Preparation
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Pro Ranger

$239 / Year

$19.99 / Month

  • Everything Listed in Community Pass
  • Limited Physical Access Pass to Live Trainings
  • Recordings of Live Trainings
  • Access to Static Range Targets
  • Red Team Debriefs
  • Pro Ranger On-Demand Courses
  • Live Technical Mastermind Sessions
  • Unlimited Access to our Book Library
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Core Ranger

$599 / Year

$49.99 / Month

  • Everything Listed in Pro Ranger
  • Unlimited Physical Access Pass to Live Trainings
  • Access to On-Demand Ranges
  • Free Custom Shirt via
  • Core Ranger On-Demand Training
  • Real World Red Team Exercises
  • 1-on-1 Technical Help Sessions
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Membership Features
Community Pass
Pro Ranger
Core Ranger
Unlimited Virtual Pass To Training
Physical Access Pass to Training
Community On-Demand Courses
Access to Member Community
Access to Job Pipeline
Access to Book Library
Resume Mentoring
Interview Preparation
Recording of Live Trainings
Access to Static Range Targets
Red Team Debriefs
Pro Ranger On-demand Courses
Live Technical Mastermind Sessions
Access to On-Demand Range Platform
Free Custom GACWR Shirt from
Core Ranger On-Demand Courses
Real-World Red Team Exercises
1-on-1 Technical Help Sessions

Range Technologies

Our products, & frameworks used by Rangers & Partners


Kunta Labs

An Open Source framework to enable members to gain hands-on experience with decentralized technologies



OpenUBA is an open source UEBA platform for Security Analytics


Hacker Combat

An Open Source engine dedicated to the gamification of programmatic warfare



A platform to enable rapid development of small development tasks



A search engine for Voice


Code Merch

Members print their own source code directly onto merchandise and gifts


Rap Bars

Digital Hip-Hop Collectibles to educate members on NFTs



Allows members to create campaigns for Change

Partner with us


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  • *Designed for Teams without a CTO
  • - Services:
    • 1 Day Technical Audit
    • Proof-of-Concept Strategy
    • Technical Strategy
    • Implementation Assistance
    • Technical Roadmapping
    • Technical Product Strategy
    • Product Outsourcing Strategy
    • Technical Scoping & Guidance
    • Technical Gap Analysis
    • Assessment of Outsourced Deliverables
    • Product Rescue from Previous Outsourcing
    • Preparation for Technical Audit & Presentation
    • Written report of assessment, recommendations, and innovation roadmap

Technical Audit

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  • *Discount for Small Businesses
  • - Web2 Technology Assessment
  • - Web3 Technology Assessment
  • - Infrastructure Assessment
  • - Problematic Areas
  • - Automation Analysis
  • - Analytics Blindspots
  • - Technical Problem Areas:
    • Bug Finding, & Debugging
    • Scalabiity Concerns & Issues
    • Developer Abandonment
    • Assessment of Outsourced Deliverables
    • Written report of assessment, findings, and recommended solutions

Security Assessment

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  • *Depends on Complexity
  • - Penetration Testing
  • - Web2 Security Audit
  • - Web3 Security Audit
  • - Security Data Science & ML
  • - Incident Response
  • - Vulnerability Assessment
  • - Security Strategy
  • - Disaster Recovery
  • - Replication in our Data Center
    • Red Team Simulation
    • Stress Testing
    • Vulnerability Scans
  • - Written report of assessment, findings, and recommended solutions

Custom Engagements


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  • *Includes Free Technical Audit
  • - Software Development:
    • Websites
    • E-Commerce
    • Blockchain Protocols
    • Smart Contracts
    • Decentralized Applications
    • Mobile Applications
    • Game Development
    • Distributed Computing
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Big Data, Scraping, and Data Mining
    • Data Collection Strategy
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Electronics
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
    • Algorithm Development
    • Cryptographic Systems

Digital Product Strategy

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  • - Creative Services:
    • Branding
    • Brand Messaging
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Analytics & Tracking
    • Social Media Analysis & Automation
    • Content & Social Media Strategy
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Digital Growth Strategy

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